Tips for Effective Fundraising

Fundraising is an important part of working for non-profit organizations and supporting schools and churches. Whether you’re passionate about helping stray animals or want to aid students participating in expensive sports, a fundraiser can mobilize assistance for your cause. Different types of events can draw various supporters to help you make an impact.

Charitable Contests

A charitable contest allows people to help you raise money while participating in an activity they enjoy. For example, you could set up a 5k with the entrance fees supporting the charity. Another option is to attract competitors with donated prizes. Golf tournament raffle prizes are an incentive for participants beyond the satisfaction of raising money for a good cause.

Sales for a Cause

If you’re looking for a less involved way to garner funds, person to person sales is a good option. You can sell candy bars or baked goods with the profits going towards your chosen interest. Retail partnerships are another option. A local restaurant might agree to donate a portion of their sales on a specific date, or an apparel store could give their take from specific items. This allows patrons to support you while buying things they already wanted.

Passive Giving

If you need help with a more personal issue, such as emergency medical bills or adoption fees, consider sending a targeted email to close acquaintances or starting an online fundraising campaign. If you volunteer at an established non-profit, don’t hesitate to communicate with the organization’s donor list. Many people build donations into their budget and are happy to help in that way.

Raising money for charity is a fulfilling, meaningful way to support important causes. Involve your community to boost your success. People who do not have spare funds are often willing to give their time or spread the word to help with movements that matter to them.  

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