Extend the Tailgate Party Long After the Game Ends

Tailgating in a recreational vehicle provides maximum fun, and the excitement doesn’t have to end just because the game did. Plan ahead, take a few extra days off work and you can enjoy Monday and Tuesday just as much as you did Saturday and Sunday.

Get Out of Bounds

Sports cities typically have dozens of other attractions close by. Don’t focus on a narrow area right around the stadium where crowds can ruin the mood. Instead, extend your search to a hundred-mile radius. If you don’t feel comfortable driving a big RV around an unfamiliar area, no worries—many are just a short bus or train ride away. For example, after the Texans game board the houston to galveston shuttle bus and head out for some beachfront and boardwalk fun. Just 50 miles can seem like a world away.

Stay With the Team

Persuade your tailgating buddies to hang out for more adventures. After all, events are exciting but it’s the people you share them with that make them truly special. Learn to hang glide, go snorkeling, visit a comedy club or just hang around the RV playing hearts. Socializing is good for your mental health and your physical welfare. In fact, people with strong social connections tend to live longer and retain greater cognitive function as they age.

Beat the Clock

Whatever you do, don’t set the alarm the next morning. If you are off work for an extra two or three days, build in some relaxing downtime. Sleep in; adequate sleep confers health benefits to your heart and brain while enhancing your emotional well-being. In fact, sleeping in three days in a row may erase the effects of sleep debt, allowing you to think more clearly and remain more alert throughout the day. To extend the positive effects, continue to relax: enjoy a leisurely brunch, refresh with a massage and spend the rest of the day lounging by the hotel pool.

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