The Legality of Guns Manufactured at Home

Several years back, a federal judge blocked the sale or distribution of blueprints that would allow owners of 3-D printers to make a gun. However, this didn’t make all personal gun fabrication illegal. It is possible to people to make firearms at home without a license, though this is often a rare occurrence. For the most part, gun owners will use Sig factory parts for sale and other pieces to alter or improve upon an existing firearm.

Gun Manufacturing at Home

Many firearm enthusiasts enjoy the opportunity to craft or modify their guns to be unique or specific to a sport or hunting purpose, and federal law hasn’t completely prohibited personal use manufacturing. However, making guns that will be sold or distributed does require a special license. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives requires that certain makes of guns (like short barrel options) be subject to a tax … Read More