Wood vs. vinyl horse jumps

Participating in jumps with your horse can be an exhilarating experience. Whether you compete regularly or you are considering getting started, it is important to invest in jumps that you can use to practice at home. If you are in the market, wood horse jumps are a great option, and here is why.


When compared to vinyl jumps, wood jumps are much more durable, and you can easily customize or build your own. Vinyl jumps tend to be blown over easily in the wind or tipped over when bumped. They require sand bags or some sort of weight to hold them down and prevent tipping. These vinyl jumps tend to break more easily causing safety concerns for your horse. Wood jumps are much sturdier and can typically be used for much longer periods of time before they need replaced when compared to vinyl jumps.


Wood jumps tend to be much safer than vinyl jumps. This is because vinyl jumps tend to break much more easily and could potentially leave fragments of material under your horse’s skin if it gets poked by a broken piece. This could lead to expensive vet bills and potential surgeries to remove material. Wood jumps that are kept in good repair would not cause this type of damage to your horse.


Vinyl jumps are much more flimsy than wood jumps, and your horse can tell. Horses are much more likely to step on or bump into vinyl jumps when they don’t feel like going over it than they would with wood jumps. When the horse decides to go through the vinyl jump rather than over it increase the risk that pieces can break off causing injury to your horse.

Wood is a much sturdier, safer, more reliable option when it comes to horse jumps. You can also customize the designs to fit your needs or taste.

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