What You Need When You Visit the Gun Range

If you’re interested in improving your aim with your sidearm, you will need to spend a lot of time on the firing range. For those new to the sport, or guns at all, there are a few key basics you need to have before heading to the range.  

1. Bring Your Guns 

This may sound obvious, but it is important that if you want to shoot it, bring it. Most ranges will let you bring multiple firearms to shoot. If you have competition Glock sights on one sidearm and not on another, bring both to practice with.  

Some ranges, especially those that are indoor, may have limits on which caliber of weapons you can bring. Check with the range ahead of time to make sure that what you plan to bring is allowed. They don’t want you shooting through the back wall by accident. 

2. Load up on Ammo 

Many ranges will have some ammo available for purchase. If an indoor range is also a licensed firearms dealer, they may have a large selection, but you may want to shop around before you go. Many sporting goods stores will carry a variety of caliber and types of ammo. Make sure you bring as much as you plan to shoot. You may be surprised how quickly you go through it. 

3. Protect Your Eyes and Ears 

Any range worth shooting at will have rules regarding eye and ear protection. Both gun shops and sporting goods stores will have appropriate wraparound glasses to keep you safe. Combined with a baseball cap, your eyes will be safe from any hot brass that may fling back at you.  

Protecting your ears may be a little different for each person. For some, a pair of good earplugs are enough, while others use over-ear protection or combine the two.  

Pack everything up in your range bag and enjoy working your way through a few boxes of ammo. With regular practice, your aim will quickly improve and you will feel more confident every time you aim. 

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